Four Best Rangefinder Binoculars


Rangefinder binoculars are high-quality opticals that are essential for ranging and proving a long distance viewing and this in return helps one to calculate the distance. The binoculars are used with the rangefinder by the hunters and can sometimes be employed by the-the people who are going for a hike. This device comes in different lasers that give a variety of viewing distances, and as a user, you need to be keen to select the best pair of binoculars.Tips for buying the best rangefinder binoculars.

The optical performance.
Another reason that inspires people to purchase a rangefinder binocular apart from helping one see from a distance is so they can also have a clear view of the objects as well. So ensure you buy a device that will provide good viewing which is achieved by the use of optical.
The purpose.
It is also advisable that you determine the reason that you need the rangefinder for so you can be able to know the correct device with the appropriate ranging distance. For example, a hunter will require a binocular that has a high distance ranging to be able to see the animals from afar.

What are the four best rangefinder binoculars in 2017?

1. Barska 8 x 30 WP Battalion Rangefinder Binoculars.
If you are looking for a rangefinder binocular to use during the winter seasons, then Barska is the best brand to choose from. The device is crafted with super waterproof materials to ensure that it does not spoil in the case where it gets wet. Also, the binocular consist of rubber armor material which is covered with magnesium to protect the device from breaking in the case where you drop it. The binocular gives a clear viewing at a distance of 1000 yards or 132 meters long with an eye relief of 16. 5 mm. It is quite convenient and easy to use since it has the large ocular lens which is estimated to be 30 mm and is adjustable to fit the user’s preferences. Other great accessories that are packed with the binoculars include an eyepiece focus for clear viewing and a neck strap for hanging it for easy access.

2. Armasight Rangefinder Binoculars.
The binoculars have an inbuilt- compass and rangefinder that enables the user to mark the directions as well. I would recommend this particular pair of binoculars for hunters since it is easy to locate and catch the animals with the device. Don’t worry if you are going to the mountains or the woods as the materials used to manufacture the device are waterproof and rubber body to protect it from getting damaged. The device is equipped with an excellent lens that provides clear viewing and magnification of up to 8 x 30 mm. Other added accessories include the individual eye focus that enables one to zoom for clear viewing. It is light in weight, and we cannot forget about the good price it is sold at.

3. Leica 8x 40 Geovid HD-B Laser Rangefinder Binocular.
This is an easy to carry binocular which you can easily slip in your hunting bag or hang it on your neck since it weighs 2 pounds only. It is crafted using robust and durable materials that qualify for outdoor usage. It provides a clear and good magnification of up to 8 x 40 mm and is widely utilized by the hunters or the people who would like to go for a hike in the woods or mountains. Another great feature included in this device is the micro sd that enables the user to record obtain the best and most accurate range measurements.

4. Barska Deep Sea 7 x 50 rangefinder binocular.
This is a useful and convenient rangefinder binocular for those who love to go kayaking since not only is it crafted using the light material, but it also has waterproof, and rubber armor features that enables it to float if you mistakingly drop it in the water and does not get damaged by the water too. The price is quite pocket-friendly and comes with an internal rangefinder with a compass for direction reading. This piece of binocular provides a broad range of viewing as compared to other binoculars and is easy to operate as well.