5 Common Myths About Weed

5. Braindead
Myth: Cannabis doesn’t cause any changes that are profound in a man’s mental ability. It’s accurate that after taking the drug some individuals can experience fright, and panic, paranoia, these effects pass and surely don’t become long-term. It is possible to get a person to consume so much of the drug they suffer from psychosis that is toxic, but this is not unique to cannabis and is scarce.

4. Gateway to Other Drugs
Myth: Cannabis is a gateway drug – in other words, it leads to abuse of more cogent drugs Fact: For a lot of people, cannabis is a terminus drug, not a gateway drug. This is only toying with statistics, although users of high strength drugs for example LSD or heroin are also statistically much more likely to have used cannabis in the past; when comparing a number of cannabis users with hard drug users, the numbers are really small – implying that there is no link whatsoever.
3. Modern Potency
Myth: Cannabis is more potent now than The motive that this myth has come about is that samples taken by drug enforcement agencies are used to analyze for potency. However, they’re a tiny sample of the cannabis on the market. As it has been for decades, a large proportion of cannabis today was taken is the same potency. As quite similar effects are produced by cannabis of varying potency, even whenever potency were substantially higher, it would make little difference to the user.
2. Lung Damage
Myth: Cannabis is more dangerous to the lungs than cigarettes Fact: To start with, those who smoke cannabis but not cigarettes are inclined to smoke far less frequently – thereby limiting their exposure to the risks of the smoking. Moreover, smokers of cannabis are not inhaling the numerous additives that go into commercial cigarettes to produce them burn down quicker or to remain alight. There’s even been some evidence that marijuana smoke does not possess the same impact on the bronchial tubes as cigarette smoke, so even significant use may not lead to emphysema.
1. Cannabis and Addiction
Myth: Cannabis is highly addictive. Fact: Of the significant users, a small minority develop what is apparently a dependence and rely on the assistance of drug rehabilitation services to avoid smoking but there’s nothing in cannabis which causes physical dependency as well as the most likely explanation for those that want help is that they are having difficulty breaking the habit – not the “dependency”.This list was inspired by the outstanding work of the Drug Policy Alliance Network.